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Why you need to try Golden Tee golf

What Is Golden Tee Golf?

Golden Tee Golf began with an idea created by Larry Hodgson in the 1980's. Larry was a software engineer who had a terrible golf game. His hope was to develop a game that might actually improve a person's golf game. Initially, Hodgson who worked for Incredible Technologies, began by designing a large scale golf simulator which could be used in establishments like Dave and Busters. Incredible Technologies saw the project as "too big" and scrapped the idea but not before Hodgson had already built the software which would create a virtual golf course.

Hodgson eventually developed his concept and today Golden Tee has grown into the highest-grossing arcade game ever seen in the industry.

How To Play Golden Tee

Golden tee provides the player with an overhead layout map. The trackball which is in the center of the panel is used to swing the club.If a full swing is desired the player needs to roll the trackball under their palm and follow this movement by spinning the trackball forward which will make your virtual player swing the club. After swinging the screen provides a birds eye view of the distance accomplished.

And that's the basics!

Ready to tackle your own game of Golden Tee? Join us at The Fremont Bar & Grill in Westmont for games, food and friends! See you at Fremont!

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